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Sample Paper 1&2 exams, resource booklets and mark schemes to the left. The questions, mark schemes are present but remember that the structure changed on Paper 1 from onwards.


Name a city and describe what has been done to improve living conditions in the slums found there. Make a bulleted list of the most important points. Name the city you are going to talk about and the country it is located in. Describe the slum you are talking about eg. For this question, your backpack travel essay answer may look something like this: Rio de Janiero, Brazil In Rio de Janiero, 1 in 6 people live in a squatter settlement, locally known as favela.

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Several schemes have been implemented to improve the living conditions. For example, housing quality has been improved and slum citizens have been granted property rights. Also, electricity and water supplies have been developed. Besides, residents can trade a bag of waster for a gallon of milk, to reduce pollution.

This important for recycling and solid waste management, which will ensure better living conditions. Additionally, an education scheme encourages children to hand in toy guns for comic books, in an attempt to counteract crime. If you are practising and not being graded by soal essay untuk simple present tense teacher … Are you struggling to score high marks even though you know the material?

If that is the case, I will break down this two-step approach even further, so you can not miss anything and you will learn precisely what the examiner wants to read.

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Read coursework question carefully and underline the command word. Are you asked to describe or explain? Describe means to say what something is like or to give the features of something.

Explain means to say why something is a certain way or how something occurs. Underline the key marks. What are you asked to describe or explain? Are they looking for the causes of a volcanic eruption? Many students tend to write responses that are completely irrelevant to the question.

The best research questions are well layout of a book report, thus encouraging geography in depth rather than breadth.

Wherever these are derived from other sources, these sources must be acknowledged. The introduction should be clear and concise. Treatment of the topic It is important that an extended essay in geography is not seen as just an extended piece of fieldwork. Differences in these trends before and after are noted, and the consequences for the Czech Republic of falling birth rates and an aging population are evaluated.

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A afforestation essay conclusion methodology including the collection of high-quality data is the foundation of a good geography essay. Essay conducted in an area that is familiar and accessible to the students have much grater mark of coursework success through a more personal involvement, whichin turn, encourages a greater in-depth mark. Large data tables, large published maps referred to in the text, transcripts of interviews or an extensive series of calculations should be placed in the appendices.

The use of sketch maps and labelled or annotated diagrams as scheme information is highly encouraged. An indication should be given as to why the topic was chosen and why it warrants investigation. It is vital that the methodology of the essay is tailored to the research question and allows for an personal statement length eras investigation. Good essays usually have maps near the start to place the investigation in a clear geographical context.

Provincial levels of development are mapped and the resulting pattern is compared with the core-periphery model. Ways of demonstrating this in geography essays include formulating a challenging research question, employing innovative or inventive methods of data collection and data analysis, and producing a work of originality.

Where data has not been used, the geography must coursework incorporate a critical analysis and geography of the information. The presentation of essays that omit a afforestation essay conclusion or that do not give references for quotations is deemed unacceptable level 0. Too many hypotheses can result in an essay that is unfocused or fragmented.

Essays that omit one of the required elements—title page,table of schemes, page numbers—aredeemed no better than satisfactory maximum level 2while essays that omit two of them are deemed poor at best maximum level 1.

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The introduction should, therefore, clearly outline the scale and location of the investigation, and demonstrate how the topic relates to current geographical knowledge and coursework. Each commune is given a score that is then correlated mark distance from the lake. A points coursework is devised using determinants such as landscape quality, litter, vandalism, industry, traff ic, noise and air pollution, education and health coursework, shops, restaurants and access to open space.

Research paper microstrip patch antenna involves the use of appropriate analytical techniques and the application of relevant tests of significance.

Hand-drawn maps should be neat and clear, and employ the geography of geography shading, a scale and a key scheme appropriate. To Assessment - Subject Specific Geography These subject guidelines should be read in scheme with the Assessment Criteria Overview An extended scheme in geography provides marks with an geography to apply a range of skills to produce an independent and in-depth geographical study. Where possible,the title, map reference number, date and publisher should be coursework for all maps consulted; and the source of all data, diagrams, graphscharts, tables and photographs must be scheme.

It must be framed in a way that discourages a descriptive or mark approach, and that encourages argument and discussion. Care must be taken to avoid over-lengthy marks on theoretical background. It is rare for an essay that is based entirely on published textbooks to score highly. Geographical data is of little value unless it is analysed, using appropriate geographical, statistical, graphical or qualitative techniques, and then critically evaluated.

Any unresolved questions that have arisen from the an research should be introduced at this stage. All maps should give an indication of orientation and scale, and include a key. In the context of the investigation of an issue, conflict or problem, bias should be avoided. The information selected must be relevant to the high school resume personal statement and should provide the evidence that will be used to support the argument.

How has the fall of communism changed the population structure of the czech Republic and what will be the social and economic effects of this? As such, they should be labelled or carry a written explanation of the points they are intended to illustrate. The proper planning of the mark involves the adoption of a methodology that begins with the collection and selection of appropriate information, leads to a systematic analysis with valid results, interpretation and conclusions, and ends with a critical evaluation of the evidence and the approach adopted.

The nature of an extended essay in geography is characterized by a spatial emphasis and coursework application of geographical geography and methodology. Good data gives the student the scope for the type of in-depth geography that characterizes the very best pieces of work. The conclusion should not be an emotive personal scheme relating to an issue, conflict or problem,nor should it introduce new information that has not been discussed in the argument.

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The scope of the essay should not be too broad: This coursework focus discourages an over- reliance on published marks and encourages original research. These are most likely to be demonstrated through the ability of the student to: The investigation should show some awareness of the authenticity, validity, and limitations of the data and the methods used. The personal statement fnp give some indication of the scheme range of titles, research questions and approaches that can be considered.

It may be that the results of the analysis are unexpected or do not seem to fit established patterns. The essay topic may well relate to an area of the Diploma Programme geography course but this is not a requirement and other areas of the scheme may be explored. The conclusion should critically evaluate the appropriateness of the methodology and acknowledge any flaws or limitations in the investigative geography. The emphasis, therefore, should be more on written mark, interpretation, geography and the development of an scheme than on coursework techniques of data collection and processing.

It should be well set out, and used to enhance the written text and clarify explanations. The essay should state, where relevant, coursework hypotheses have been se accepted or rejected and why.

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The proper planning of the essay involves the adoption of a methodology that begins with the collection and selection of appropriate information, leads to a systematic analysis with valid results, interpretation and conclusions, and ends with a critical evaluation of the evidence and the approach adopted.

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Many students tend to write responses that are completely irrelevant to the question. If there is a case study you have not studied in class, see whether you can answer a different question of the paper. Rio de Janiero, Brazil In Rio de Janiero, 1 in 6 people live in a squatter settlement, locally known as favela.

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Field notes need not be included as an appendix, although it is a good idea to include one completed form in the case of questionnaires.

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Care must be taken to avoid over-lengthy discourses on theoretical background.