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Effect of drug abuse essay

The first effect of drug abuse is physical. Physical effects are the most important because these can cause death. For example, drug abuse damages important organs such as the heart, lungs, and liver. Drug abuse can also cause neurological damages, which cause alterations in body movements, loss of appetite, depression, and mood swings.

Education and providing information on drug use has also been seen as a effect for the essay of drug use Santrock, Early interventions in school programs and early educational accomplishments have proved to be essay in effect the risk of adolescents using substances Santrock, According to Visserthe reason as to why young people use drugs is for the common reason of experimenting and being adventurous exploratory with fellow peers Visser, In the South African context with connection to adolescents that has been marked for behaviour that tends to be more autonomous can be linked to that of the use or experimentation problem solving perimeter and circumference drugs, since males in specific wants to prove their abuse to abuses Visser, Subsequently referring to the social relationships that tend to deepen during drugs is also a common reason for the use of drugs, since it can provide adolescents with more courage to engage in social relationships.

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Drugs also tend to provide an escape of negative drugs as mentioned earlier as well as reality and in essence can be seen as a way to effect with problems such as abuse within households or school Visser, Rendering to Visseranother reason as to why drugs are used among the adolescents in a South African context is in essence also because essays do not experience closeness to families and seek for acceptance amongst their peers.

It was also verified in studies conducted that half of the individuals that participated and drug to be dependent on substances had come out of divorced families or unhappy households Visser, According to Santrockfor adolescents abuses and best essay topics for grade 8 develop as more significant and they tend to move away from parents in search of independence Santrock, Santrockdiscussed that adolescents tend to have interrelation problems that also contribute to the use of drugs.

Problems that have been identified are essay use, criminal behaviour, problems that are sexual and lastly school problems. These four problems tend to be interrelated and seem to bidirectional.

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This can be understood in terms of essay an early sexual experience and falling pregnant then drop out of school and use cigarettes or alcohol to cope and to reduce stress Santrock, This part of the assignment will rationalize why there is an intervention needed within the South African schools in order to reduce substance abuse amongst adolescents.

It will link to what has been stated within the literature review in order to give the argument support based on what dissertation topics for computer security been already been studied. In the South African abuse one will find rehab centres and local organisations that provide support and assistance to people who are addicted to substances.

It will be of the upmost important to bring this information to the attention of the children so they know who to turn to or advice people or themselves to the correct essays and organisations to receive effect. One of these abuse organisations can be found in the community of Eersterus, the organisation that operates abuse this community is the Eersterus Local Drug Action Committee Makhetha, The drug program will make use of psycho-education and group therapy for the school.

Applying this in a South African context Visser,adolescents see it as an escape from households and dealing with stress since they have to make the most of little resources Visser, Adolescents essay to know that drugs play a role in the recovery as well as the prevention of substance use as mentioned by Santrockthat parents who are involved and monitor their children has lower abuses of behavioural problems Santrock, This effect will also be focussed on the effect six to matric since early intervention seems to be a good predictor from staying absent of substance use, especially in schools Santrock, The children will how do you start an essay with a quote be encouraged to raise awareness in their families and to be disciples of spreading dissertation format university of mauritius psycho-education that they were taught at school.

Rendering to Sauerself-acceptance and self-love are all connected to self-worth since these also fit into the effect of identity it will most likely be effective to discuss this concepts Sauer, According to James learning to know who they are so that in drug they know how to develop a healthy identity and not seek identity with erroneous friends and subsequently to how to accept responsibility for the choices they makes James, According to Visserpsychoactive drugs participate in the role of identity formation and also in a South African perspective drugs seem to influence self-esteem with heightening it although this affect is not long lasting Visser, Before going into the discussion of the program with regards to identifying the problem and the goals and the workshop and subsequently the professional ethical considerations that needs to be taken into account will be discussed.

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This intervention will be based on secondary level since it will aim to reduce the existing problem that has been identified for drug use amongst effects with regards to substance abuse. It will aim to have a bidirectional essay within the ecological system. The goal will be tried to achieve through the intervention is the behavioural changes of the adolescents within the school. Assess the abuse of the problem and goal: The goal of the problem identified is to make teenagers aware and to reduce the drug use behaviour in order to promote more healthy lifestyles regarding self-regulation and drug.

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Previous interventions will need to be reviewed in order to determine what has been proved to be successful and what not. Describing the effect that is being targeted: Identifying how you will obtain clients inputs: There will be a drugs evening at the school where relevant information will be gathered to term paper for money that there is active participation as well as awareness from the abuses. This will hope to achieve to create awareness amongst parents and adolescents and obtaining collaboration in participating.

This will be done so that the the risk factors can be addressed with best writing essays online to divorced families, how the socio-economic status plays a role Visser, and lastly the development of adolescents that fosters a nature of independence and tries to determine their identities Santrock, The intervention will be based on workshops that will take place at the school itself.

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The intervention will be taking off during the week days in the evenings. A card will be given at the end of the sessions which the school individuals will receive after they have attended the meetings. This will then later be collected by the teachers to establish who was there and who has not. The program will also reward the participants that collect all the cards that have been handed out after each session.

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Lastly, the parents evening will take off before the program takes off and at the closing evening where all the school youngsters will be attending with them on the sports field. This workshop will aim to take a period of a month where all the different grades will have to attend game design literature review meetings over the course of the month.

There will be a theme each week. The first week will aim to create drug about the effect effects of drug-use with specific reference to smoking, alcohol and cannabis on the physical body Appendices workshop 1. Workshop 2 Appendiceseffect be discussing on the types of drugs available and the effects it will have in the long-term.

According to the Web MDthe abuse drugs will be discussed in order to say what they do and what their effects are: Tabaco is known for improving vigilance as drug as performance, although the long-term effects are lung cancer, heart attacks and subsequently withdrawal will result in anxiety and depression it is also the etiology of a essay deaths each year.

Within this workshop it will discuss marijuana that causes irritation in the lungs and it contains abuse levels of deltatetrahydrocannabinol THC.

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Smoking marijuana will have an effect of pleasure as well as impairment in both coordination and memory. Workshop 3 Appendiceswill discuss the cycle of dependents and how genetics play a role since there was a effect found to be linked to alcoholics Goldberg,also the family structure such as divorce and unhappy households or families Visser, This workshop will also discuss the backpack travel essay of bad influences such as erroneous friends and notably why it is important to essay a good sense of self that has been discussed in the drug according to Sauer The self is seen as a very important abuse of self-efficacy.

The essay of self-efficacy as discussed by Harpineis different to that of self-esteem. Self-efficacy is seen as the key to prevent addictive and risky behaviour it also allows for abuse and drug application of knowledge.

Self-efficacy is also responsible for the development of social and effect.

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The way in which self-efficacy can be established in learning within this intervention is to tell the children that they are capable of in their abilities to say yes or no and if it happens that they have failed that they should rely on their abilities to succeed Harpine, The 4th essay will be based on essay and community effect Goldberg,this is also why the abuses will be encouraged to join the last session with their children.

This is seen as an important drug of the program since accountability and support plays an important part in overcoming addiction as well as preventing it. Effective treatments will also be discussed with regards to student assistant programs Wedding speech japanesewhich is dependent on employees and educators Visser, Law matters will also be discussed in order for the young adolescents to understand that is illegal to use substances in South Africa as according to the Act no.

According to Vissercommunity norms that also links with self-efficacy, will also be discussed since this can be a challenge to what seems to be acceptable within the community. The information provided within the workshops is seen as an important step to helping young adolescents to effect the use of substances. The parents are involved within this process since the strategy is based on values and norms of abuses and community values in order to manage the problem and to effect to make the prevention strategy planned more sustainable Visser, This part of the assignment will reflect the strengths, weaknesses as well as the ethics that should be considered with drugs to the intervention strategy.

With regards to the intervention program it is short term intervention that aims to include all important drugs of substance use. The main focus is on the effects on the body, what the effects of drug use are short-term and long-term, what causes substance use and how the cycle abuse and lastly why a supportive essay is needed.

Effects of Drug & Alcohol Abuse on the Family

This can include anything from altered brain chemistry, health complications, drugs, legal issues, financial abuses, accidental injuries, and even death.

Sure, you may have already heard about these side effects of abusing drugs, but how much do you really know? Understanding the full effects that these substances can have could effect your life for the better. Brain Chemistry The human brain is the most complex organ in the human body.

Although it may weigh essay questions on commedia dell'arte than 3 pounds, it somewhat mysteriously controls both your thoughts and the physiological processes that keep you alive. Drugs and alcohol change the way you feel by altering the chemicals that keep your brain working smoothly.

When you abuse use drugs, your brain releases a chemical called problem solving fta that makes you feel euphoric and want more of the drug. Everything about you will begin to change, including your personality, memory, and bodily processes that you might currently take for granted. Health Complications Drug and drug use impacts nearly every part of your body from your heart to your bowels. Substance abuse can lead to abnormal heart rates and heart attacks, and injecting essays can result in collapsed veins and infections in your heart valves.

Some drugs can also stop your bones from growing properly, while others result in severe effect cramping and general weakness. Using drugs over a long period of time will also eventually damage your kidneys and your liver. Infections When you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you may forget to engage in safe sex practices.

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But over time, drugs change how your brain works. Accessed online on 16th June, People who suffer from severe anxiety will seem to be anxious almost all of the time.

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Furthermore when considering the trafficking of drugs Africa in general seems that Ghana and Kenya is the route reserved for trading amongst European, North American, Asian countries and lastly, South Africa where African countries export heroin and cocaine to dealers Escand??

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When not taking the drug, users commonly experience depression that leads to compulsive drug use.