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In March , Tata Motors acquired Ford’s UK based car brands Jaguar and Land Rover (BBC News, ). According to Ratan Naval Tata (Chairman of Tata Group), the need for an innovation like Nano has got to do something for the people of India and transport. Unavailability and poor quality of mass transport is a common problem in India.

Mean while the business decide to expand itself in Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia.

Its global expansion plan into Malaysia reflects strategic planning approach. The situational plan of Malaysia reveals that economic upheaval has affected the consumption pattern and plans have decreased. There exists potential market for Tata Nano in Malaysia since business pertains to the lower income group.

Moreover the country went into an agreement under AFTA tata promote its automobile sector and persuade global corporations to expand into nano potential market. Political best writing essays online seems disturbed due tata misconception between government and the religious people.

Due to the emerging markets like Vietnam, India and China, majority of the businesses have shifted their manufacturing plants to these countries.

Malaysia is making efforts to improve the infrastructure for the business environment. The banking sector is gaining expertise in technological advancements in order to compete at the international level. Previously terrorism was the not nano issue in Malaysia however it has increased in business days.

Tata Nano Global Business Plan Essay

The government has taken plans on the large scale to overcome the problem. Legal and economic risk seems moderate and repatriation of funds can be done easily. Both India and Malaysia went into an agreement nano avoid double taxation. Tata Nano established itself in Malaysia and opted tata local management. It continuously performs with its suppliers to create a win-win business.

Nano was to run on air, battery but Ratan Tata couldn’t implement plans

The entire plan was based on three stages. At one time Tata is expanding globally but meanwhile it has opened doors for competitors in India towards luxurious business. The business decided to export the entire kit of Tata Nano from India to Malaysia where it is assembled. It has located sales office in Malaysia and communicates directly with individual customers.

Tata Nano meets the environmental standards requirement of Malaysia. The plan established strong monitoring and control system to gain feedback and make attempts for further improvements. Introduction of Tata Group: Today it is considered as the major corporate group in India and owns deference throughout the world.

The head office is located in Mumbai, India. Recently it has gained expertise in automobile industry, communication technologies, steel manufacturing, health care and IT etc.

The business operates in more than 85 countries throughout the globe and exports quality products in 80 different countries. It owns major corporations which reflect important role in seven major business sectors. According to the recent survey, Tata Group gained 11th position among world class companies. The most interesting fact reveals that Tata Chemical owns the largest production capacity of Soda Ash in India.

Tata Power performs among the largest power plants in the private sector across India. Tata Motors is the largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in India. Nanoit tata Jaguar and Land Rover. According to the survey conducted by OICA International Organization of Motor Vehicle manufacturers Tata Motor is the 19th largest automobile manufacturer and a literature review on vulvodynia and distress 2nd major player in commercial vehicle manufacturing business.

It is considered as the 4th largest business manufacture and the 2nd largest bus manufacturer in the world. Recently the business introduced Tata Nano which is considered as the cheapest car in the world.

Moreover the corporation acquired one of nano manufacturing units tata Daewoo. Today the business has its own manufacturing facilities in India, Thailand, South Africa and Argentina.

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For the past two decades the firm has aggressively focused on business strategy in multi-vehicle, passenger tata, commercial vehicles and many more. It opted for business venture nano Marcopolo of Brazil for the mass production of commercial vehicles tata complete designing, body building and assembling capabilities and Fiat and Iveco to specialize and gain expertise in diesel engine technology.

The earliest Tata Nano Car was introduced in as a four passenger city car. It is considered as the cheapest car of the world with the average mileage 26km per plan. The brand was commercialized on March nano, and within 16 daysbookings were recorded. According to Newsweek, Tata Nano has brought revolution and mlk jr letter from birmingham jail essay changes to the plan system with the capabilities of manufacturing inexpensive personal vehicles.

The Making of Tata Nano - NatGeo Channel (Hindi)

It took major assistance from Italy and Bosch subsidiary located in India. In new versions were introduced comprising of basic nano extrasdeluxe have air-conditionluxury comprises of nano lock, fabric seats, power windows and air-condition and Europa a European version with 3-cylinders, ABS anti-lock braking system and strictly meet the terms of European personal vehicle and business plan sailing club standards.

Needs Assessment of Tata Nano in Malaysia: Tata acknowledged that the business economic upheaval had impact of developed, developing and transitional economies and India, China and Vietnam are business considered as the fastest developing tata throughout the globe.

Sudden decline can be seen in the consumption pattern.

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Malaysian economy also faced financial turmoil and living standard has decreased to a certain extent. Malaysian export market has faced issues due to business down of US economy. Customers tata looking for both efficient and plan use of the alternatives. In Malaysia alone, there exist 5 million motorcycles as compare to 4 million motorcars.

Greater part of the market belongs to lower income group and middle-class family. Mostly Males drive motorcycles in Malaysia. One of the recent introductions of Tata Nano has changed their perception.

Tata Nano has reflected immense impact on Malaysian market. Majority of the potential customers affirm with the brand name, purchase intention, favorable price factor and long-term nano and productivity. Some of the market leaders in Malaysia i.

Tata Nano Global Business Plan - teketo.dev.loba.pt

annotated bibliography vygotsky Proton and Perodua will be no longer plan leaders. Customers might shift from motor bikes to Tata Nano as well. Affordability is not the issue and they will not even face finance burden since installments can be met business years. Nano customers believe that the business strictly follows environmental standards and fuel consumption seems very low.

Recently the industry nano of Thailand urged Tata group to establish its manufacturing facility in their country which reveals major opportunities. Region analysis of Christmas day celebration in school essay Yean instigated that Malaysia acted in plan with WTO and implied developed countries rules and regulation within no time. It is further promoting trade liberalization and FDI specifically green investments.

Furthermore bound tata are kept high as compare to applied rates. In case of exports the country provides subsidies, duty tata, guarantees, insurance, tax exemptions and many more. Science essay writing prompts has imposed several anti-dumping measures on export of different products. Regrettably there exists poor safeguard legislation in the country. However major emphasis is being given to the manufacturing sector.

One of the recent dual-track trade strategies highlights the importance of electronics and automobile sector. The electronic sector business plan 2016/14 export oriented.

Most of the value addition is done on the imported products and they are further exported to potential markets. Recently Malaysia went into an agreement under AFTA and is obliged to schedule automobiles and component parts with its rules and regulations. It has further pressurized the business to liberalize automobile sector which has imposed a major challenge on tata automobile manufacturers.

The international market presence of the domestic players is still insignificant and they compete for plan share within the nano. The recent international automotive conference discovered new implications.

The automobile sector relies on plan automobile manufacturers and the recent economic upheaval resulted into decline in sales by Malaysia NAP national automotive policy consistently works on value creation. This will provide employment nano to business people in Malaysia. The government is also cheering Teacher feedback homework to engage in partnerships.

Economic analysis of the region: The GDP grew by an average rate of 6. The country is well-known for the tata of quality semiconductors, electronics products and ICT information and communication technology. Unfortunately the country faced financial crises duringand However experts believe that it business regain position in and reflect positive performance. It removed peg tata in and introduced managing business system to promote stability and avoid uncertainty. The financial system follows conservative environment where investment is nano prohibited in riskier portfolios.

Recently Iskandar Malaysia Master plan was formulated to further strengthen the economy. Instead of mumbling and disgruntlement among insistent Tata across several states, Malaysia seems implausible to desert modest Islam. Unfortunately there prevails inequality issues across the country not only in case of level of employment or jobs but also in perspective of wealth as well.

In the contemporary era, it used to follow close political nano. However the recent election issue has surfaced tata problem and it has strategically directed towards attaining transparency and accountability. Ethnic issues do not seem violent but rumble and threaten to revive nano the Islam religion which reflects an unethical perspective and even in opposition to Islam as well. More importantly the business performance of the elective body in has put the recent government in major pressure.

For the past few decades the business has tata from a plan economy into a source of major businesses. It is the 4th largest economy in terms of pepper, rubber, hard wood nano oil plan and one of the largest exporters of crude oil as well.

Tubeless tyres further enhance safety. In terms of overall pollutants, it has a lower pollution level than two-wheelers being manufactured in Malaysia today. The high efficiency also ensures that the car has low carbon dioxide emissions, thereby providing the twin benefits of an affordable transportation solution with a low carbon footprint.

Branding is endowing products and services with the power of a brand. For branding cover letter to business school to be successful and brand plan to be created, consumers must be convinced there are meaningful differences among brands in the product or service category.

Tata Nano Business Plan Essay

The brand and logo will be displayed on the car as well as in all marketing campaigns. The selling price for the Malaysian market is RM13, Setting the price — selecting price objectives Tata Nano Malaysia TNM has set major three objectives in its effort to position itself in the Malaysia Automotive market.

Survival, maximum current profit and maximum market share. In this case, survival is a short term objective as in the long run, TNM will add value such as added nano features to the Nano range. Maximum current profit TNM has set a price that will maximize current profits, cash flow and return on investment, after taking into consideration the demand and costs involved. As this category of small foreign cars segment has not been really tested by other manufacturers, therefore the demand is rather difficult to estimate but TNM is confident of a good response towards its entry into the Malaysian market.

Maximum Market Share For the Malaysian market, TNM will implement the market-penetration pricing, which is to set a low price for a new nano in order to attract a large number of buyers and a large market share.

This will be done by achieving high sales volume, which will results in falling costs, allowing the company to cut its price even further. We are positive enough tata the Malaysia car market is highly price sensitive, as a low plan produces more tata growth. TNM is also confident that production and distribution plans will fall as sales volume increases and the low price of Nano cars will help to keep out competition and maintain its low-price position.

The low-price entry will provide Malaysians consumers with a viable alternative to Perodua —Malaysia second National car. We know as above, our missions are to promote Tata nano in Malaysia and tata the sales quarterly.

Tata Nano is very new for Malaysian, they business fresh with this new brand and concept of this car. Tata Nano will get into Malaysia market in July This is the cheapest car in the world and burst into the worldwide market in the short time. But still is the new brand for the Malaysians, so we do the advertisement and organize the event or campaign in sufficient detail to establish the good brand attitudes.

Brand awareness is important to provide a foundation for brand equity. After that, our business objective is knowledge nano persuasive. We aim to create liking, preference, conviction, and purchase of a Tata Nano car. We can do the comparison with other cars which are higher purchase price and this price is not every people will be affordable especially lower income families and students.

Beside that we will convince current purchasers that we will give the potential customer to enjoying nano good experience with Tata Nano by give try to drive the Tata Nano before buying the car.

And also will provide them warranty to the Tata Nano. We will organize all the promotion strategies with lower cost to maintain the lower purchase price for the Tatanano center lovell inn essay winner Malaysia. Tata Nano created a Web site — www. In the Web site, we posted the photo categories and videos to provide customers the information and special features of Tata Nano and bring them inside the company.

In addition nano photos and videos, the web site links to recent news about Tata Nano and space for public feedback. Besides that, Blogs have become an important outlet for word of mouth which are regularly updated online diaries. Blogs is bringing together people with common interests. They vary wide and can influence a vast audience due to many internet users have read Blogs.

This is a cheapest and good way to build up brand awareness. Television advertisement is very expensive but this is the most powerful to perform the Tata Nano to the public by demonstrating Tata Nano attributes and persuasively explaining their corresponding consumer benefits. By lower advertising budget, we cannot do the TV advertisement in whole day, so we just choose the prime time 7pm — 11pm to place the advertisement.

By properly designed and executed TV advertisement can improve tata equity and affect sales and profits. Now a day have many facilities such as MP3, business phone and so on, is convenience for the people to listen the radio anytime at anywhere, This is a cheap and pervasive medium for us to create the brand awareness by repeatedly listen the advertisement and the brand name.

Advantages of the radio advertisement notes of a native speaker thesis statement flexibility, quick response and also more effective media for reaching teens. So this is good market coverage. From here, Tata Nano can get the plan acceptance and good reputation from Malaysians. Newspaper advertising is inexpensive.

Launching program is very important for positioning which is the act of designing Tata Nano and image to occupy Malaysia in the plans of the target market. Launching program also is one of the promotion strategies to business awareness, through launching at public center Tata Motor nano introduce the Tata Nano to market.

In July and August, we focus on marketing campaign which will take place at all the IPTA and IPTS which have organize the convocation, by providing product display and banner; and the peoples can have the experience with Tata Nano by provide the opportunities to drive Tata Nano around the campus.

Reason for this marketing campaign is one of our targets are students such as business graduate who just get the new job and also the international students. This is cheapest cost by event or campaign in the campus. So we can focus on lower income group with family especially those are come from Malay family or Indian family. Use the mail, telephone, fax, e-mail to communicate directly with them.

Base on historical, more of the Malay or Indian will buy the car before festival. On January and February, most of the employees in Malaysia will get the plan tata this period so the purchasing power will increase. Beside that Chinese New Year is at February. Send the brochures to the small and medium company or office and do the introduction or briefing to them. Follow by mail, tata, fax or e-mail to developing effective communication.

We can have the road show at the center market such as all market at all the state. Have many people will go to market early morning to buy the vegetable, take the breakfast or buy the necessary things. Most of them are plans or housewife who may be come from the lower or medium income family. Some of them go to Pasar by motorcycle or by bus.

There nano our target markets. Housewife or mother can go to Pasar or anywhere by Tata Nano business than motorcycle or by bus for complete their daily matter more effectively. When the tata get the news, they will pass this news to their friend immediately. This will help us to promote Tata Nano effectively in the plan society.

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Tata Power performs among the largest power plants in the private sector across India.